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  • Top Quotes from ALEC's 40th Birthday Party in Chicago   4 years 31 weeks ago

    I wonder if the writer of this piece realizes that JBS actually opposes a con-con because it could lead to a run-away convention that would put our existing Constitution at risk?

  • How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf   4 years 31 weeks ago

    You're full of crap. In the history of the world, the young soldiers of no country, save the USA, were ever sent into battle simply to free the citizens of that country from tyranny. American soldiers have repeatedly made the ultimate sacrifice simply to free their fellow man from bondage. And you say we are disliked by the world? Baloney. I guess its because we are so disliked that countless millions risk their lives to try to gain acces to living here. Grow up.

  • Consumers Allege Perdue's "Humane" Poultry Labels Are "False and Deceptive"   4 years 31 weeks ago

    Did you even read the article? This has nothing to do with veganism! My family and I all eat meat, but we have made a conscious decision only to buy meat from human farms (there are very few). Not regulating these labels makes it extremely difficult for families like mine to know if the meat they are consuming was indeed raised humanely. This labeling issue and the humane treatment of livestock is an issue more pertinent to meat eaters than it is to vegans.

  • ALEC in Chicago: 10 Photographs that Tell the Story   4 years 31 weeks ago

    Sorry we missed that. It now appears correctly in the story above. Thank you for pointing this out! Lisa

  • PBS Killed Wisconsin Uprising Documentary "Citizen Koch" To Appease Koch Brothers   4 years 31 weeks ago

    Would you sign my petition to air the documentary "Citizen Koch"?

  • ALEC in Chicago: 10 Photographs that Tell the Story   4 years 31 weeks ago

    The photo at the end of the article is of the Northern Illinois Light Brigade, based in Rockford. We are on Facebook under that name.

  • FDA Lab Analysis Puts the Heat on E-Cigarettes   4 years 31 weeks ago

    The way I see it, ecigs pervert God's purpose for electronics, which is to enjoy music, not to suck nicotine.

  • FDA Lab Analysis Puts the Heat on E-Cigarettes   4 years 32 weeks ago

    the only reason why the governement is against ecigs is because so much of the money our government makes is from tax from cigarettes. they cannot tax the ecig yet the way they tax tobacco because it is not tobacco. the ecig is substantially less expensive and way healthier for you. that is what everything is based on in our country: money. so if the government is loosing money by us CHOOSING a safer alternative, of course they are going to try to ban it with every excuse and as much propaganda as they can.

  • Syngenta's Paid Third Party Pundits Spin the "News" on Atrazine   4 years 32 weeks ago

    He came to Kaua'i last weekend. What a jerk. He told young mothers that Atrazine was safe and it was only banned in Europe because of politics.
    He interrupted anyone who was speaking and lied repeatedly.

  • Wall Street Journal Defends ALEC without Disclosing Deep Ties of Editorial Board Member Stephen Moore   4 years 32 weeks ago

    we need to stop reading this shit... finding out more and more every day that all brand name magazines and newspapers are completely controlled media spewing out propaganda. wake up people! you can find more credible sources for news on the internet. Goodbye WSJ!

  • Approval of New Chemical-Resistant GMOs Likely to Prompt Pesticide Escalation   4 years 32 weeks ago

    On the heels of the USDA notice to approve isoxaflutole modified crops, I see Jill's article remains one of the few quality discussions of what is at stake in the GMO crop era. Great concise summation of the issue and the players involved.

    Steve Sprinkel
    Cornucopia Institute

  • Time to Repeal ALEC/NRA Stand Your Ground Laws   4 years 32 weeks ago

    First of all, you really need to proof-read your comments. You sound fairly ignorant with all your misspellings and incorrect grammar. It's also quite hard to understand what you are trying to say due to your inability to properly express yourself. Secondly, you obviously are a right-wing conservative, so I am in a quandary as to why you are even reading anything on this site. But, if you become enlightened from anything you read here, all the better.

    I actually do know a lot about the "Stand Your Ground" Law and know it was passed by a lot of conservative Republican legislators in Florida who were coached by ALEC (and, yes, I have done EXTENSIVE research on this). This is a bad law and needs to be changed, but the chances of that happening are slim-to-none, given the atmosphere in Tallahassee with a Republican-controlled, tea-party legislature and a Republican governor who basically bought the office.

    If you actually did your research, you would find that blacks are more often than whites incarcerated for committing similar crimes. A stunning example of this is the fact that penalties for possessing/using crack cocaine were more stringent than possessing/using powder cocaine. Why, one may ask? Because crack cocaine is the "poor man's" cocaine used primarily by minorities and powder cocaine is used primarily by the well-to-do white crowd. Recently, the DOJ came to their senses and eliminated the harsher penalties for crack cocaine usage vis-à-vis powder cocaine usage.

    You really need to become a little more informed before making ignorant statements. Oh, BTW, I am a white woman, with extremely blue eyes.

  • ALEC at 40: Turning Back the Clock on Prosperity and Progress   4 years 32 weeks ago

    I just reviewed the ALEC report and find it interesting to note that absolutely no legislation from California was on that list. Guess California isn't as crazy as some people claim. Oh, that's right, only the right-wing radicals seem to think that.

  • Groups Charge ALEC with Tax Fraud over Secretive "Scholarship" Fund that Finances Junkets for State Lawmakers   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Just want to thank CMD/AlecExposed and Common Cause for your hard work on getting to this point. What is summed up in a press release, I'm sure, took months of work. The fact that the IRS has not gone after their fake tax status for 40 years is not a good sign for what they might do with this (but I am still hopeful), and as importantly, ALEC members are feeling the heat of serious legal scrutiny, and more and more citizens being aware and angry every day...

    Keep up the good work and look forward to updates. Please let us know what media this appears in, too. We need to get this out as much as possible.

  • ALEC at 40: Turning Back the Clock on Prosperity and Progress   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Not a comment about the article itself but its delivery.
    The email from Center for Media and Democracy was routed by gmail not only to my spam file but highlighted with a red bar and a warning lable

    - "Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people's personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don't click links or reply with personal information. Learn more"

    While an automatic spam filter might decide the message is spam since I delete similar, in format, emails, that extra alert is something else.

    Is there actually a case with phishers using prwatch-type emails to get info?

  • Taxpayer Dollars Subsidize ALEC Birthday Bash   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Taxpayers complain and complain and complain about how their hard earned dollars are spent mindlessly by the government officials...BUT we do NOTHING to stop the practice! What is wrong with the present day complainers? Why don't we hold our officials responsible? Why do we go like lambs quietly to the slaughter?
    Taxpayers had better wise up soon and speak up with their votes or our freedom of speech will not be the only thing that's lost to these huge corporations!

  • A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Interesting that Transcanada is owned by the Chinese. The Chinese are surging ahead with their own green energy, subsidizing solar investigation and production. They want the Keystone pipeline to pipe their oil through America and a water aquifer for 8 states, so that they can pick it up and take it China. Meanwhile they are jumping in to deny climate change so that America will fall behind them, even more than we are already.

  • A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Fish most any major river in the US., AnnaQ. You don't HAVE to worry about eating toxins in your catch. Close your eyes and cross a busy road; you don't HAVE to worry about being hit by a car.

    Scarcity of resources clean enough, healthy enough, may not be hitting hard for many in the US next week or even next year, but trend says it's coming. If clean resources or just plain resources concern you now you might rationally worry as well for something like an Arab Spring coming to a township near you.

    As to political stability, stagnant may seem stable at first.

    I'd rather hear most of whoms opinions from themselves.

  • A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute   4 years 32 weeks ago

    There is no two sides to this subject Climate change is real and it's a fact and that's why 97% of the environmental scientists and every climate scientist who work on this agrees that it's a fact, by all the research that they have done. You need to realize you are not arguing with the scientists and the environmentalists, but their research results. What you are really trying to deny is nature, and the laws of physics of the way this planet operates. You cannot have that much carbon dumped into the atmosphere for the last hundred and 50 years, the vast majority by humans, without getting catastrophic consequences at some point. We have reached that point and are already well into the consequences of climate change.

  • Cashing in on Kids: 139 ALEC Bills in 2013 Promote a Private, For-Profit Education Model   4 years 32 weeks ago

    I am a teacher in Chicago. Obama has been involved with neoliberal economic/social policies here since 1994. He began his public career by assisting venture philanthropy (the Joyce Foundation) and Mayor Richard Daley and the Chicago Commercial Club (his original and most loyal booster) as they pursued a city plan to "gentrifiy" African American poor neighborhoods through destabilization, i.e., pushing them from their homes, closing schools and medical facilities, and curtailing public services. He knows exactly what he is doing and which side he is on. Arnie Duncan works for him, not the other way around. I'm not sure, however, who works for whom when it comes to Penny Pritzger, his choice for Secretary of Commerce.
    Regardless, it really is time to stop with the "man of the people" hooey, especially when Abraham Lincoln's birthday rolls around.

  • A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute   4 years 32 weeks ago

    So the planet is cooling. There IS climate change after all!

  • A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute   4 years 32 weeks ago

    "long-range weather forecaster" What is that supposed to mean? A meterologist, which is what Bastardi is supposed to be, is qualified to predict the weather maybe ten days in the future. Does Bastardi mean he can predict the weather 30 days? How about 6 months in the future?

    The field that predicts long-range climate changes is climatology. Bastardi is not a climatologist. He is not qualified to predict the weather a decade in the future. There is no such thing as weather predictions a decade in advance. His talk about the earth cooling in the future means nothing more than if I said it. I have absolutely no qualifications to say anything since my degrees are in sociology and religion. His is in meteorology not climatology.

  • A Side of Climate Change Denial with Your Coffee? ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute   4 years 33 weeks ago

    What most vocal proponents fail to realize about the pipeline that will carry filthy Canadian tar sands through US territory, a pipleline that has seen catastrophic leaks in the portions already built, is that while it will create a respectable number of jobs during construction, the permanent jobs will number in the dozens rather than hundreds.

    In addition, that oil will never be "American." Oil is a commodity, it will be priced on the open market and sold by whoever owns it to whatever country is willing to pay the highest price. Canada wants to ship its tar sands through America because Canadians have prevented the construction of a pipeline across their own country to get to Japanese refineries.

    This oil will never "protect" America from gasoline shortages or price hikes, but the damage from the inevitable spills will ruin large portions of out heartland forever.

    PS Prudhoe Bay, site of the Exxon Valdes spill decades ago, is still full oil on its shore. The oil in the Gulf, rendered invisible through the use of so-called "clean-up" chemicals, is still there, damaging local property and businesses, poisoning the wildlife, and contaminating the shellfish we used to like to eat.

  • ALEC's Chicago Conference Incites Protest, Multiple Arrests   4 years 33 weeks ago

    Yes - would you happen to have a list of legislators who are members? I have some nasty letters to send.

  • Groups Charge ALEC with Tax Fraud over Secretive "Scholarship" Fund that Finances Junkets for State Lawmakers   4 years 33 weeks ago

    All around the world governments have been bought by the corporate elite. The USA is merely the prime example. If citizens just concentrate on individual flaws in the system they will never get around to considering the 'elephant in the room' - the political system itself.

    I term our various versions of political system in 'The West' as being a feudal democracy, where the few (politicians) rule over and control the many (citizens). This type of political structure is hierarchical in nature and allows the few to be bought and controlled by the super elite, and where the citizens have absolutely no opportunity to CONTROL the politicians.

    These political systems are NOT democratic and have never been so.

    The major flaw - feudal democracy - has to be tackled if we are ever going to have a political system which is actually organised for the benefit of the citizens. Here's a list of my blogs trying to shed light on the political system itself.

    The fact is that the ruling feudal elite are very organised and have a set agenda. Citizens need to understand the problem and be as, or more, organised - and even more determined, that they will not remain as serfs. 'They' are the few and we are the many but if the many don't start to think - OUTSIDE THE BOX - we will lose the battle.