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Where Did All those Super PAC Dollars Go? 1/3 of All Outside Money Moved Through Handful of Media Firms

The hundreds of millions that mega-donors gave to Super PACs and dark money nonprofits in 2012 largely failed to produce a return on investment, with Barack Obama reelected and Democrats gaining seats in the U.S. Senate. However, a small cadre of media consultants, advertising experts, and strategists still reaped huge profits from the 2012 election, based on an analysis by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD).

The "Biggest Loser" of the 2012 Election: Karl Rove

In the aftermath of the 2012 election, the nation's big money donors may be reassessing their "investments" -- particularly those managed by Republican strategist Karl Rove.

Koch's Americans for Prosperity Brings Ann Coulter to Madison in a Last-Minute Push to Stop "Obama's Failing Agenda"

On Sunday, Madison's Monona Terrace hosted a rally for the Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a "grassroots" nonprofit founded and funded by billionaire industrialist David Koch. AFP's last-minute Wisconsin rallies are the final move in their sprawling "Obama's Failed Agenda" bus tour, which is criss-crossing the nation with multiple buses and rallies in a final push to mobilize the Tea Party base. Despite the name, AFP has claimed in numerous press releases that their tour is "non-partisan." However, in Madison, AFP counted on three very partisan speakers: Canadian "health care refugee" Shona Holmes, Wisconsin talk-show host Vicki McKenna, and right-wing author and agitator Ann Coulter.

Koch's AFP Complains about Gas Prices, but Koch Speculation Helps Fuel High Prices at the Pump

At the Mt. View gas station in Wausau, Wisconsin last week, some motorists were able to secure a gallon of gas for $1.84, thanks to a subsidy from David Koch's Americans for Prosperity. These astroturf publicity stunts have taken place at gas stations around the country in recent weeks as part of AFP's effort to mobilize votes for Mitt Romney by drawing attention to an alleged rise in gas prices since President Barack Obama took office. But since most experts attribute the rise in gas prices to long term trends and crude oil commodity speculation, AFP's hijinks only underscore the role of Wall Street speculators -- including the Kochs themselves -- in jacking up critical commodity prices on average Americans.

Maine Upside Down: GOP Money Backs Democrat Dill, While Godzilla Supports Independent, Angus King

Maine's U.S. Senate race is a battle between not two, but three candidates vying to replace retiring Senator Olympia Snowe: Republican Charlie Summers, Democrat Cynthia Dill, and former Governor Angus King, a left-leaning independent. Despite outside groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spending millions attacking King, he retains a sizable lead -- but the complex, multi-million dollar web of outside spending has made Maine's U.S. Senate race one of the most interesting in the country.

Crossroads' Wisconsin Endgame: Painting Baldwin as "Extreme"

The endgame is beginning in one of the most crucial Senate races in the nation, between former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin. With the race a virtual tie and Thompson trailing badly in fundraising ($5.7 million to Baldwin's $11 million), Karl Rove's dark money group Crossroads GPS has stepped in to massively subsidize Thompson's campaign, painting Baldwin as "too extreme" for Wisconsin in a pounding rotation of TV, radio, and direct mail.

In Massachusetts, even the "People's Pledge" Can't Keep Out the Outside Money

The U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts is currently among the closest in the country, with the most recent polls showing a razor-thin lead by Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, who hopes to unseat Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown this November. The Massachusetts race is unique among national Senate races, as outside money is playing a significantly diminished role thanks to a pledge signed by both candidates that has helped keep outside spending on television, radio, and Internet ads in check.

Close Ohio Race for U.S. Senate May Be Decided by Outside Money

When it comes to campaign fundraising, Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, has recently pulled ahead of his Republican challenger, State Treasurer Josh Mandel. However, Brown has been the target of more outside spending than any other member of Congress and Mandel has enough support from outside "dark money" groups to close the gap.

60 Plus, a Dark Money Group, Peddles Partisan Spin at Campaign Stop in Madison

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  • At a recent rally in Madison, Wisconsin, 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin had a lot to say about Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and the dire threat liberals supposedly pose to Medicare, but he failed to answer basic questions from the crowd about the funding for his own organization.

    On Jobs Promise, Walker Fooled Wisconsin Once; New Romney Ads Promise 240,000 State Jobs

    On September 6th, the Detroit News reported that Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney took a look at the latest polls and decided to pull down ads in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Romney-friendly SuperPACs did the same. The campaign and its allies are looking to move the money to swing states where the polling is more favorable.

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