Why Support the Center for Media and Democracy?

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  • Because we believe protecting democracy requires informing citizens
    about not only what’s really happening behind the scenes but also what
    you can do about it.
  • We believe in holding the powerful accountable. And we do.
  • We believe the truth matters. And, we are willing to dig for it.

We accept no funding from for-profit corporations or government grants, so this work needs your support to survive and thrive. We may be small but we are mighty: your tax-deductible contribution will make a world of difference and truly be appreciated!

Please be as generous as you can to help expose corporate PR spin and propaganda on issues affecting our lives and our future. You can also click here to join the fight against corporate spin and disinformation.

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Lisa Graves
Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy
Publisher of PRWatch, SourceWatch, BanksterUSA, the Food Rights Network, and The SPIN

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