"Pandora's Lunchbox" -- Ingredients in Processed Food Products May Surprise You

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Pandora's Lunchbox Book Cover"The vitamin D in your milk ... is almost surely a derivative -- after many chemical stages -- from lanolin from Australian sheep wool, concocted in a factory in China. ... Vitamin A, is often synthesized from acetone, a principal ingredient in nail polish remover," notes George Kenney based on his interview with Melanie Warner, a former writer for the New York Times.

Her new book, "Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal," investigates the surprising origins of some of the ingredients used to create processed food. Kenney notes: "The truth is far more horrifying than we can imagine."

In their conversation, they discuss how little Americans know about what is in much of the food manufactured by corporations or where it comes from. They also discuss the relative lack of studies on the safety of some of these ingredients that people are consuming over their lifespans.

The podcast, which is part of Kenney's "Electric Politics," is 42 minutes long and is available here.