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Next Act for Super PACs and Dark Money Nonprofits: Lobbying to Block Compromise on the "Fiscal Cliff"

After some early success helping far-right candidates in the Republican primaries, Super PACs and dark money nonprofits failed to eke out many victories on election night 2012. But these groups are seeking to make up for lost ground by influencing policy through lobbying, issue advocacy, and the threat of attack ads against Republican legislators who compromise, particularly on negotiations over the "fiscal cliff."

Winners and Losers in the "Big Secret Bucks" Spending War

The Sunlight Foundation has crunched the numbers and calculated the "return on investment" that big-spending Super PACs and "dark money" groups achieved in the 2012 cycle. It reflects how much of the money spent by each group went to support candidates who won (or to oppose candidates who lost) in the general election campaign.

After the $6 Billion Election, Calls for Subpoenas and Amendments

Now that the most expensive election in history is over, an increasing number of Americans are demanding action to reduce the influence of money and corporations in our political system -- and reformers are offering solutions.

The "Biggest Loser" of the 2012 Election: Karl Rove

In the aftermath of the 2012 election, the nation's big money donors may be reassessing their "investments" -- particularly those managed by Republican strategist Karl Rove.

Direct Democracy: Results of Ballot Propositions Across the Country

Across the country in states that allow for citizen lawmaking through ballot propositions, yesterday voters in many states had a direct say in the laws that govern them. There were 188 measures on the ballot in 38 states. Below we review the official, unconfirmed election results of some of the key propositions. Join the conversation on Facebook and tell us about other important propositions in your state.

"Money Out, Voters In" a New Joint Effort to Protect Democracy Is Launched

Press Release: The Center for Media and Democracy is joining with more than fifty other organizations to address two critical threats to our democratic system: the distorting effect of money in U.S. elections and the wave of efforts to make it harder for Americans to vote. Under the banner "Money Out, Voters In" the organizations announced that they would be jointly working to mobilize after Election Day to challenge dark money in elections and restore Americans' voting rights.

Can Democrats Hold on to Hard Won Wisconsin State Senate?

Democrats have a one-seat majority in the Wisconsin Senate after three Republicans lost seats in historic recall elections, but 16 seats are up for grabs in November, and with them the balance of power. In recent weeks, many have focused on the race between Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and former governor Tommy Thompson, which may determine who holds the majority in the U.S. Senate, but the state Senate races are significant because many Wisconsinites are concerned about having a firewall against embattled Governor Scott Walker's 2013 legislative agenda.

Crossroads GPS Makes Final Ad Buys in U.S. Senate Races

Karl Rove's dark money group Crossroads GPS and Super PAC American Crossroads are spending $10.5 million on Senate ads in the final week of the election, which is likely the largest one week buy from any group this election cycle, Politico reports.

Koch-Walker Fundraiser Sunk by Superstorm

A Scott Walker-David Koch fundraiser has been sunk by "Superstorm Sandy."

Walker was scheduled to headline a New York Republican State Committee fundraiser tomorrow in New York City hosted by Koch, among other well-heeled GOP bigwigs. A New York State Republican Party notice today informed participants that the event has been postponed.

California GMO Labeling Supporters Confront $41 Million Opposition and 13-Point Poll Slide

California Proposition 37 to label foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is up for a vote on Tuesday, November 6. It enjoyed broad popular support as of September, with a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll showing support by 61 percent of registered voters.

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