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Time Gives Up on Factchecking: Corporate Media Can't Find a Way to Tell the Truth

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  • --by Peter Hart, originally published in FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)

    In October, the inevitable was announced: Struggling Newsweek magazine would be finished as a print publication as of the end of the year. But the last mass newsweekly left, Time, also made an announcement of sorts: It was out of the factchecking business.

    Common Cause WI: Incoming Senate Majority Leader Launches Nonsensical Attack on the Non-Partisan Elections Board

    The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore, vindictive winner. Don't these people have anything better to do? Like creating the promised 250,000 jobs and improving Wisconsin's economy? Apparently not.

    Wisconsin Legislators Jetting Off on Corporate-Funded Trip to Develop Special Interest Legislation

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 28, 2012
    CONTACT: Brendan Fischer

    MADISON, WI -- Several Wisconsin legislators are attending this week's conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) at the Grand Hyatt in Washington D.C., and likely doing so on corporate-funded "scholarships," which the Center for Media and Democracy believes violate state ethics and lobbying laws. The three-day meeting, held November 28-30, will bring state legislators together with corporate lobbyists and special interests to craft "model" bills -- many of which will likely be introduced in the ALEC-majority Wisconsin legislature in the session that begins in January.

    Watchdogs Shed More Light on ALEC on Eve of Group’s DC Summit

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 27, 2012
    CONTACT: Sara Jerving, Center for Media and Democracy, (608) 260-9713; Mary Boyle, Common Cause, (202) 736-5770

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) convenes its annual policy summit this Wednesday in Washington, DC. The three day meeting at the Grand Hyatt Washington hotel caps a year of intense controversy surrounding the organization's political agenda and tax-exempt status. The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) and Common Cause have obtained new documents and produced reports that shed more light on the inner workings of ALEC and offer you valuable resources as you prepare for coverage of the ALEC conference.

    Greenpeace Activist Confronts Coal Lobbyist at Energy Event

    - by Connor Gibson of Greenpeace

    At a well-attended energy forum hosted by Politico, I shed some light on the role of coal lobbyist Jeffrey Holmstead in blocking pollution reductions for his coal utility and mining clients after he said we can’t “regulate our way to clean energy.” Here’s the video:

    Public Citizen's Analysis: Candidates Nationwide Used Trade-Themed Ads to Appeal to U.S. Majority Opposing Trade Status Quo

    Presidential Candidates Ran Three Times as Many Trade-Related Ads as in 2008; 30 States' Congressional Race Ads Featured Criticism of Trade Status Quo; Composition of the Senate Shifts in Favor of Fair Trade

    "Money Out, Voters In" a New Joint Effort to Protect Democracy Is Launched

    Press Release: The Center for Media and Democracy is joining with more than fifty other organizations to address two critical threats to our democratic system: the distorting effect of money in U.S. elections and the wave of efforts to make it harder for Americans to vote. Under the banner "Money Out, Voters In" the organizations announced that they would be jointly working to mobilize after Election Day to challenge dark money in elections and restore Americans' voting rights.

    Crossroads GPS Makes Final Ad Buys in U.S. Senate Races

    Karl Rove's dark money group Crossroads GPS and Super PAC American Crossroads are spending $10.5 million on Senate ads in the final week of the election, which is likely the largest one week buy from any group this election cycle, Politico reports.

    CMD and Common Cause Prevail in Open Records Lawsuit Against ALEC Legislators in Wisconsin

    Lawmakers Acknowledge That They Cannot Evade the Open Records Law by Shifting Official Correspondence to a Personal E-Mail Account

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 30, 2012
    CONTACT: Brendan Fischer,; Nick Surgey,

    Five Wisconsin state legislators have agreed to turn over any correspondence and documents with or related to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and held on their personal email accounts; the action settles a lawsuit brought by the Center for Media and Democracy and Common Cause.

    Meet the Network Hiding the Koch Money: "Donors Trust" and "Donors Capital Fund"

    - Connor Gibson, Greenpeace

    Earlier this year internal documents from the Heartland Institute, a major hub of climate change denial and right-wing extremism, were publicly leaked. The documents exposed the Heartland Institute's funders and strategies for attacking climate science, and led to a mass exodus of Heartland's corporate funders.

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