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Group Alleges University of Wisconsin's Diversity Policies are "Discriminatory;" Protesters Take Over Press Conference

MADISON -- The University of Wisconsin-Madison's race-conscious admissions policies amount to "severe racial discrimination," announced Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO) president Roger Clegg at a press conference Tuesday. As the event concluded, supporters of the university's diversity policies took over the conference room, and beneficiaries of the diversity policies Clegg attacked shared their experiences.

Wisconsin Legislators Support Corporate Right to Secret Spending

Wisconsin Republicans are pushing a bill to prohibit the state elections board from passing any rules regulating corporations, as part of an effort to thwart rules that would show how corporate interests are laundering election spending through front groups. Lawmakers only meet one day this month (Tuesday, September 13) and plan to take up the bill during that brief window.*

CNN Sustains Tea Party Myth

CNN Online has published a story titled an "angry electorate helps sustain tea party," ignoring the clear evidence the "movement" is only sustained by thinly-veiled religious zeal and wealthy funders like the Koch brothers.

Wealthy Wisconsin Heir Speaks at Koch Brothers Meeting

Leaked audio from the Koch brothers' June donor meeting in Vail, Colorado reveals connections between the Kochs and a wealthy Wisconsin funder whose hundreds of thousands helped elect Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Governor Scott Walker.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Election Disclosure Case

The Wisconsin Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday in a Tea Party challenge to proposed election spending disclosure rules. While billed as a case involving free speech and a possible response to the post-Citizens United campaign landscape, the outcome may be decided on more mundane grounds of whether the state elections board acted within its statutory authority.

Justice Prosser Will Recuse in Campaign Disclosure Case

Embattled Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser has unexpectedly announced he will recuse himself from an upcoming case involving a Tea Party challenge to proposed election disclosure rules. Prosser was asked to step down on conflict-of-interest grounds because his campaign attorney, James Troupis, is also the attorney for the Tea Party groups; for weeks, Prosser had insisted on his impartiality.

More Controversy on Wisconsin's Highest Court

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman's allegation that Justice Ann Walsh Bradley smacked him upside the head in 2008 is being disputed by three Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices. Gableman made the allegation to Dane County sheriff's deputies investigating the June 13 "choking" incident between Justices David Prosser and Bradley.

As CMD has reported, sheriff's deputies questioned all seven state Supreme Court Justices about a June 13, 2011 altercation between Prosser and Bradley that took place just before the court released its decision on Governor Walker's collective bargaining law.The investigation was initiated based on Justice Bradley's concerns about workplace safety and officers questioned each of the justices on the topic.

Sweatshop Labor and Shiny Windshields: Protect Carwash Worker's Rights!

Cuentamé has released a new video documenting the labor abuses and exploitative conditions faced by workers in the $23 billion carwash industry, many of whom the group says are Latino and immigrant workers. The video accompanies a campaign by the Community-Labor-Environmental Action Network (CLEAN) to improve working standards for carwash workers in Los Angeles.

"Choking Dissent" Report: Prosser and Process

The Sheriff's report on the investigation into Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser allegedly "choking" Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in June not only describes a dysfunctional work environment, but also provides new details about the process leading to the court's decision on Governor Walker's contentious collective bargaining bill.

As CMD has reported, last week the Dane County Sheriff's office released the report of its investigation into Justice Prosser placing his hands on Justice Bradley's neck the evening before the court issued its controversial 4-3 opinion upholding Governor Walker's contentious collective bargaining bill. That report describes Prosser's role in creating the situation leading to the dispute by issuing a lengthy concurrence, without notice, after the court's liberal minority had drafted their dissenting opinion.

Police Report on Wisconsin Supreme Court Quarrel Describes Hostile Work Environment

Statements made by Wisconsin's seven Supreme Court Justices to Dane County sheriff's deputies investigating Justice David Prosser allegedly "choking" fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley on June 13 describe a dysfunctional court and hostile work environment.

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