Lisa Graves Hammers Citizens United Spinners on the Patt Morrison Show

Shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down rules limiting corporate spending in elections, the Center for Media and Democracy's Lisa Graves stood up to spin by Citizens United about the ramifications of the case. Citizens United's attorney claimed that the ruling would not increase corporate spending in the coming elections, but CMD called out that spin. Listen to the full interview about the court's decision here. Please let us know if you oppose the court's ruling, by helping us rebuke the Supreme Court. You can also check out the latest information in our new SourceWatch coverage. And, you can help join a national grassroots coalition by clicking here.

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2.5 years later

The amount of money in the 2012 election is insane 500 million so far! Corporations are not people, and letting them act as sutch has destroyed the fundemental voice of the individual...because we cannot compete with the opinion of the "corporate individual"($500,000,000 with 75 days till 2012 election) makeing $12,500 a year. Hindsight

The Alec has the House of Representatives wrapped around its little finger.
Stealth Lobby Groups abound.Media is purely Conservative(extreme right). John Stewart has been the "Most trusted name in news"for at least 2 years, this means News Satire has out preformed mainstream news in delivering the truth to us.
in the past 2.5 years these Corporations acting as individuals working through stealth lobby groups in asociation with stateand federal legislators have circumvented, undermined and/or eliminated completly any regulation put in place to protect us from their GREED.

As a citizen of this great nation i realize the Government isnot my enemy, it may look as sutch on the surface...but we all know we should not judge a book by its cover.
the governments power is based on Legislation, any change in this legislation, forces the Government to change its behavior, resulting in the Illusion that the Government is against us in some way.
these groups(ALEC, Americans for Prosperity etc..)are fundementaly changeing our legislation at the state level, avoiding congress all together.
in some way i am glad we have Gridlock in congress right now!!!

between the ALEC's grip on state legislation, and Americans for Prosperity's grip on congress and beond with its "no new tax, ever" pledge, the Senate has been the only circuit breaker. i mean imagine if the house has had its way, we would have nothing and owe everything by now.

i feel if this failed ideology being forced upon us nationaly, is not stopped, and soon, the damage being done one corporate bill at a time, will become too complex to ever reset.

i am seeing polititians talk about unchaining the banks, shutting down Planned Parenthood, privatizing medicare and medicade, social security in the stock market, dismantling the dept of education, i have even heard the term "legitamate Rape"(todd akin, R wis)!
How can this be real, in the 2.5 years these people(corporate individuals) have lost their colective minds, and are now living in a totally different reality from us, i feel as a citizen that we are in the way of their agenda and we (lower, middle and some upper class)will be mowed over as they get more and more of what we do not have.


Lisa Graves Hammers Citizens United Spinners on the Patt Morriso

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