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Walker, other GOP Governors Reject State-Run Healthcare Exchanges under Tea Party Pressure

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  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has refused to implement a state-run health care exchange, defaulting to a federally-run exchange in protest of the federal health care law known as "Obamacare." Tea Party groups had pressured Walker to reject the exchanges.

    WI Legislators Receive $24K in Campaign Contributions After Pushing ALEC Predatory Lending Bill

    Wisconsin's effort to open the state to predatory lenders using American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) legislation has paid dividends for the ALEC legislators behind it.

    WI Republican Insists Romney Would Have Won if Voter ID Law Was in Place, But Admits "Not Dealing With the Real Reality"

    Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling said that Mitt Romney could have won the state if Wisconsin's voter ID law had been in place for the November 6 election, despite zero evidence of voter fraud -- but also admitted she and other Republicans may not be "dealing with the real reality."

    Will GOP Governors Really Try "Nullifying" Obamacare?

    Despite Americans overwhelmingly rejecting Mitt Romney and his plans to "repeal Obamacare on day one," an effort to nonetheless thwart the federal health care law on the state level is underway, led by the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity and Cato Institute, with help from American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) model legislation. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a key holdout and has not indicated whether he will continue to actively block the health care law.

    Voter Suppression Efforts Blunted by Vigilant Advocates and High Turnout in Wisconsin and Nationally

    With most voter ID laws blocked before the 2012 elections and local election officials and civic groups prepared for True the Vote's intimidation tactics, some of the worst fears about voter disenfranchisement were averted in Tuesday's vote. But partisan voting laws and continued confusion over election administration led to long lines -- prompting President Obama to note "by the way, we have to fix that," in his acceptance speech.

    Progressive Democrat Tammy Baldwin Wins U.S. Senate Seat in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has upheld its reputation as a truly purple state by electing Democrat Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate, by a solid margin of 51 to 46, and reelecting President Barack Obama to a second term, just months after handing the Tea Party and out-of-state special interests a victory by voting to keep far-right Governor Scott Walker in office. Baldwin's victory, along with Elizabeth Warren's win in Massachusetts and Sherrod Brown's win in Ohio, helps ensure Democrats keep control of the U.S. Senate.

    California Elections Board Peels Back Layer of Dark Money Onion, Finds More Onion

    California's election board successfully compelled a "dark money" group that spent $11 million on ballot initiatives in that state to reveal the source of their funding -- but the donors are other dark money groups tied to the Koch brothers and Karl Rove's political machine. Those groups also don't disclose the source of their funds. California managed to peel back one layer of the dark money onion, but discovered little information about who is really bankrolling the operation -- they only found more of the dark money onion.

    Why Don't We Know How Much "Dark Money" Groups Have Spent On the Election?

    "Dark money groups" that do not disclose their donors not only refuse to be transparent about where they get their money, in many cases they are not transparent about how they spend it. Dark money only accounts for about one-quarter of the over $1 billion in outside election spending reported to the Federal Election Commission, but because of gaps in reporting requirements, the actual percentages -- and the actual totals for outside spending -- are certainly much higher.

    Last-Minute Move by Ohio Secretary of State Could Impact Election

    An order from Ohio's Secretary of State just four days before the election could jeopardize votes from individuals who cast provisional ballots in this swing state -- and possibly the results of the presidential election.

    Outside Election Spending Up at least 400% Since 2008

    Reported spending by outside groups like Super PACs and dark money organizations has topped $1.11 billion, a 400 percent increase over total spending in 2008, according to a new analysis from Demos and U.S. PIRG.

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